My Top Five Fantasy Series

As a lover of all things fantasy ever since I was a child, they have left an impact on my life as I continue to be fascinated by all things mystical. Luckily for me, fantasy has started to dominate the mainstream once again, and as I was watching one of my old favorites, it got me thinking: what are my favorite fantasy series? I talk about science fiction often, but as a huge Zelda fan and lover of The Lord of the Rings, i figured it would be fun to sit down on a tree service branch and decide on which shows I love the most with respect to fantasy.

  1. Lost – a J.J. Abrams series with fantastic circumstances and twists at every turn, Lost had me on the edge of my seat waiting for answers as the show went into strange territory. When flight Oceanic 815 crash lands on a mysterious island that turns out to be more dangerous than the crash itself. Following the survivors and trying to uncover the mysteries was a fun Friday activity friends and I did every week as the show aired. Lost receives 5th place due to the less than satisfactory ending, but still a good watch all the same.
  2. Bewitched – the original show that aired in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, a remember enjoying this series as a younger kid with my mom and dad. It was a silly serial that I loved to watch for a supernatural fantasy fix, before watching my favorite episode of Star Trek for the 10th time. Classic shows like these remind me of my childhood, and I still love to watch the antics of Samantha and Darrin to this day.
  3. Dead Like Me – A more morbid turn, Dead Like Me stars a girl named Georgia (preferring to be called George) who dies after a toilet seat from a space station hits her. She is recruited to become a grim reaper, and must ferry souls to the afterlife while dealing with her death. This series is hilarious but also heart-wrenching as her parents, and younger sister have to deal with her death, and she can’t interact with them at all. Although it was short lived, I still revisit this series and love to watch it from time to time.
  4. Sabrina the Teenage Witch – This show was a fun, 90’s classic that featured a high school freshman coming to terms with high school life while also dealing with her powers. This show was hilarious, and I remember regularly watching after school. Sabrina is a fun take on the supernatural with a black cat named Salem that I swear was the best character on the show. I still pull up my favorite episodes every once in a while for a laugh.
  5. Supernatural – This probably comes as no surprise, but I am a huge Supernatural fan. Dean and Sam Winchester are a compelling duo who investigate and hunt supernatural beings to maintain order. Coming from a long line of hunters, they must unravel the mystery of their mother’s death while keeping the World safe. Hilarious, heart-wrenching, and bone chilling, I still watch this show and catch new episodes every week.